Fishing Info

Since the beginning of mankind, we have been surrounded by water. We find it soothing, peaceful and serene. That’s why so many people find fishing so relaxing, but it can also be frustrating when the fish are not biting.

At Indian Creek Fishing, we make fishing fun for the whole family. There are two ponds so no matter what your level of experience you can have a fun and successful day of fishing!

We offer catch and release or catch and keep fishing.

Open weekends during the summer.

We also have a store fully stocked for all your fishing and hunting needs!

Fishing Rates

​Small Pond: ​Upon arrival you’ll pay $5.00 entrance fee. ​Fishing at this pond you must keep ​all the fish you’ll catch. At the end of your ​fishing trip we will weigh your fish and ​charge $5.50 per pound.

Large Pond: Upon arrival you’ll pay $20.00 entrance fee. ​Fishing at this pond you will be allowed to catch and release the fish, using barbless hooks only. Please, release the fish carefully ​while still in water to minimize injury to fish. At the end of your fishing trip we will weigh all the fish you want to keep and charge ​$5.50 per pound.​​

***Please, do not attempt to retrieve the Koi from our ponds! They are priceless and they are ​there for enjoyment of everyone coming to fish at our ponds. Thank You!